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Finalist to the LVMH Innovation 2023 Award, Save Your Wardrobe is a Fashion & Retail Tech startup with a circular digital platform tailored for fashion brand, retailers as well as customers to streamline the post purchase experience through digital wardrobes, end to end care and repair services.


As Save Your Wardrobe has both B2B and B2C- facing platforms, we designed varying campaigns for two different groups of audience while using the suitable tone of voice for the respective viewers.

‘Weaving the fabric of circular fashion’ is their brand statement that we proudly include in our messaging across the social media platforms.

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16th The holiday meme-1.png
16th The holiday meme-3.png
Instagram story - 195.png

Considering that in this digital era hyper- personalization is now highly valued, we highlighted the mobile app’s features that provide an AI-driven experience which help the users make effortless sustainable choices for their wardrobe.

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