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Javascript & C++ coded artsy bits & bobs made for my
MA Computational Arts course

Not so mobile-friendly


A trippy 3D meme universe with the main planet representing the current hour, minute and second

The orb of the planet represents the hour & gets bigger later in the day

/The yellow ring represents the minute & gets bigger/smaller accordingly

The purple ring represents the second & gets bigger/smaller accordingly


Speech detection via sound recognition.

  Trained to detect cooking noises and play the respective cooking scenes from animes

Chaotic Evil Pink

Generative art reactive to mouse location

Pose Pose Revolution
An Indonesian Traditional Dance Pose x PoseNet Game

Paper [Art]Plane
A 3D Generative Art Projection Mapping Project

Inspired by If the Color Changes (#?)
by Mel Bochner

Click (and hold) on the box to incite 

A Meme Clock
Click and drag your mouse across the box, a different meme will show up according to the time of the day
Click N to reset

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