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Meme Mind

A Memory Drinking Card Game

A memory drinking card game that you can play with your alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic friends/children - but we think the best pairing for this game is Tequila.

We are not responsible for what happens during/after the game. Drink responsibly


Game Includes 2 sets of each card 


1. Lay all your memory cards facing downwards on a 4 x 4 layout by random

Optional: Before starting the game have a quick preview of where all the cards are and flip them back

2. Flip open one memory card

3. Try to guess/remember which one is the other matching pair and flip it

4. If/when you flip the wrong card, do what the second card says

Easy option: Limit to 3 wrong cards and your turn ends

Hard option: Keep flipping cards and do the consequences until you find the right pair

5. Keep the wrong cards flipped upwards until you've found the matching pair

6. Once you’ve matched a pair, take it out of the playing area

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Get Smart or
​Get Wasted Trying

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